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Construction: Steps to follow

1 - administrative STEPS    

  • Financing a project
  • Obtaining and displaying building permission
  • Acquiring a plot of land
  • Taking out insurance for the work



   Planned period: two to four months minimum before the start of the project, from the date of obtaining the building permit (legal period and third administrative withdrawal)

      designation responsible for monitoring work
      Confirm your choice
      • Site Opening formalities
      • Temporary connections, access to land, boundary markers, clearing, stump
      Formalities for final connections


3 - Executing the work :

Time scales: forming your work schedule

  • The main phases of construction:
    • The work of the builder (setting out, excavations) from the moment payment is requested you have the chance to check the progress and conformity of the work
    • Completing the foundations (foundations)
    • Completing the walls (block work)
    • Topping out (roof), taking out multi risk housing insurance (advice)
    • Fences + outside space (fencing in, partitions)
    • Completing the fit out work (certain changes are possible during the course of work), plumbing, carpentry and the heating according to the specifications of both parties. (fixtures and fittings, interior adjustments)


  • Handing over of the work and the keys at a meeting fixed at the end of the project.
  • Final connections, setting up the utilities.
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