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Email alert

Receive every advertisement in your emailbox as soon as it is entered online or updated {new price} when it meets your search criteria.

What are the advantages of an email alert ?

To be one of the first to be informed : you will receive all the new properties immediately.
Save time : Abafim will select properties according to your preferences.
Save effort : you will receive the properties in your mailbox.

What will you find in the Abafim email alert?

With each new property, you will automatically receive an email inviting you to click on a link to consult the description and view several photos of the property which meets your criteria.

For how long?

You can cancel the automatic emails whenever you want. Just click on the link provided in the alert. You can register back to the service at any time.

Create your email alert

All of the descriptive elements are to give an indication and have no contractual value.
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Luxury property, Country Houses & Mansions Abafim Prestige